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News – Backup to Dropbox Bug

If you receive an error when creating a backup to Dropbox regarding the folder not being found, please manually create an “Apps” folder in the main Dropbox directory. Once this folder is created, the backup should work correctly. The next release (v3.02) should be out shortly to address this issue. Thank you for your understanding.

News – Cashflow Trademark Dispute Resolved

Effective February 8, 2017, the Read more about the Trademark dispute trademark dispute that resulted in Cashflow and Cashflow (Free) being suspended from the Google Play store has been resolved. Per the settlement agreement, the trademark infringement claims will be rescinded and it is expected that Google and Amazon will remove the suspension of the applications from their stores.

Read more about the trademark dispute here.
Read more about the resolution to the trademark dispute here.
Read more about ways you can help support the ongoing development of the Cashflow apps here.


Cashflow (free) and Cashflow are free and paid, respectively, personal finance applications for tracking cash flow, offered for the Android platform.

An easy to use personal finance app that provides users with a check register capable of tracking running, ending, and current balances in multiple currencies. Features include multiple currencies, registers for checking, savings, and other account types, scheduled and remembered transactions.

Cashflow (Free) Cashflow
Cashflow (Free)
Cashflow (Free) on the Google Play store
Cashflow on the Google Play store

Cashflow (Free) App Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for the Cashflow (Free) app can be found here.