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News - Cashflow removed from Google Play Store

Read more about the Trademark dispute here.

From the developer: On Friday July 10th at around 5pm I recieved a notification from Google that the applications, Cashflow and Cashflow (free), had been suspended from the Google Play store as the result of a trademark infringment claim made on behalf of the owner of a trademark for a game named Cashflow. Despite the fact that the game is in no way related to these applications and without any evidence to support a a claim of trademark infringment beyond the owner of the trademark proving ownership, Google elected to take the heavy handed approach to suspend our applications without giving me the opportunity to respond to the claim.

I feel very strongly that the use of the name Cashflow for the Android based check register application is not an example of trademark infringment against the owner of the trademarked game. I've appealed the decision to Google, contacted the representative for the trademark holder to look for a speedy resolution, and have approached an attorney for advice on how to proceed.

From our standpoint, this trademark claim is clearly invalid and is an abuse of Google's system that is designed to protect intellectual property. We suspect that the motive of the trademark holder or the representative of the trademark holder was simply to push their relatively new mobile application to the top of the search list when users search for the term "Cashflow".

In the coming days we will be working very hard to bring the applications back to the Google Play store. Depending on a number of factors, I may be forced to do so by implementing a name change away from Cashflow as I fight to save the application that our users have grown to depend on.

While you cannot download the app from the Google Play store our users can download the free version of our app directly from our site using this link: Cashflow (free)

Please note that your phone may require you to select the security setting to allow applications that aren't downloaded from the Play Store to be installed on your device.


Cashflow (free) and Cashflow are free and paid, respectively, personal finance applications for tracking cash flow, offered by NDL, Inc for the Android platform.

An easy to use personal finance app that provides users with a check register capable of tracking running, ending, and current balances in multiple currencies. Features include multiple currencies, registers for checking, savings, and other account types, scheduled and remembered transactions.

Cashflow (free) Cashflow

Development Goals - Cashflow (free)

This project is considered to be relatively complete. We will continue to improve it's existing functionality, but will be adding the majority of new features to the paid version only, as an incentive for power users to upgrade. As time passes, we'll be adjusting the mobile advertisements to this product, but will make our best efforts to keep these to a reasonable level. Please give us feedback if you feel that our advertisements are excessive.

Development Goals - Cashflow

We have several things that we're working on for our paid users. These features include:
1. Ability to create a variety of reports.
2. Improvements to the home screen widget for a quick glimpse of various account details (balances, etc).
3. Syncing between multiple phones using Google's Cloud To Device Messaging Framework (C2DM) 4. Cloud backups

If you have any questions, comments, problems, or requests, please contact us via email at:

Help & Documentation

Documentation for using this product can be found on our documentation page: Documentation