New Phone

The Dropbox backup & restore option is much easier to use than the Local Storage backup & restore option when restoring data to a new phone. We strongly suggest signing up for a Dropbox account so that you can use this feature.

Local Storage

If you must use the Local Storage backup & restore feature, please understand that some Android phones will reference storage differently and as a result, the Local Storage restore feature may take some manual effort on your behalf. Originally way local storage referenced the SD card, but these days it’s hard to tell programmatically exactly where the data is being stored. Your new phone may simply be referencing the SD card differently, or it could be using built in storage as it’s “external storage”. If you run into a problem getting data from your old phone to your new phone by simply swapping the SD card, we recommend following these steps to restore your data to your new phone:

1. Back up your data on your old phone.
2. Connect your old phone to your computer and mount it as a drive (you may need to consult your phone’s user manual for exactly how to do this on your phone).
3. Find the backup file named Cashflow.Backup.csv in the cashflow folder. Sometimes this may be located in the root directory, sometimes you’ll find it under a folder named “sdcard” or something like that.
4. Copy the backup file from your old phone to your computer.
5. On your new phone, open Cashflow and create an empty backup file. We’ll use this as a placeholder to figure out where your new phone is storing the file.
6. Connect your new phone to your computer and mount it as a drive (again, see your phone’s user manual for details if needed).
7. Browse the contents of your new phone looking for the “Cashflow” directory containing the “Cashflow.Backup.csv” file that we just created in step 5.
8. Copy the old backup file that we copied to the PC in step 4 into this folder, replacing the empty backup file we created in step 5 and found in step 7.
9. Disconnect your new phone from your computer.
10. Open Cashflow on the new phone and run the restore operation. This should guarantee that your data was copied successfully from your old phone to your new phone.