Full Change Log – Cashflow

Version Release Date Notes
3.06 10.22.2021 Fixed issue related to Dropbox & Google Auth
3.05 5.2.2019 Fixed issue exporting transactions.
3.03 7.28.2017 Fixed issue where Dropbox credentials were not being cached.
3.02 6.28.2017 Fixed a backup to Dropbox issue. Improved backup & restore error handling.
3.01 6.25.2017 Migrated app to new development environment. Migrated from Dropbox Sync SDK to the CloudRail SDK.
2.33 03.19.17 Notify users of the resolution of the trademark dispute.
2.31 09.18.15 Notify users of trademark dispute.
2.30 07.09.15 Corrected bug with Scheduled transactions for deleted accounts. Other minor bug fixes.
2.29 02.06.15 Corrected a bug that caused an error for some users when restoring from Dropbox.
2.28 11.14.14 Fixed a bug that would cause some users to lose data when updating to v2.27.
2.27 11.13.14 Added functionality to allow backup & restore to Dropbox. Removed support for backup files from versions prior to v2.06. Multiple changes to internal database functionality. Updated SDK to support Android 5.0 (Lollipop).
2.26 06.04.14 Updated to support some older devices back to Android 2.3.
2.25b 04.15.14 Fixes a bug with the app not allowing users to switch to the Light theme.
2.25 04.15.14 Changed payee list prompt to subset by text entered in the payee name field. Fixed issues with menus for newer version of Android. Various bug fixes. Minor feature improvements.
2.24 04.11.13 Fixes a problem where the calculator was crashing on some devices
2.23c 10.29.12 Fixes a problem some users were having where the menus would not show up.
2.23 10.26.12 Several bug fixes including a bug which would exit the app if the user pressed the cancel button on the update balance screen. Updated Google SDKs. Added help regarding backup & restore. Fixed bug where a failed restore would indicate success.
2.22 03.04.12 Fixes an error that was causing some force close issues.
2.21 02.29.12 Changed sorting feature to scroll to the bottom when sorting descending with no future transactions so that users do not have to scroll through every transaction to get to the most recent transactions.
2.20 01.13.12 Fixed bug with account list totals including balances from accounts that were marked to be excluded from totals.
2.18 & 2.19 01.10.12 Changed the way lists are loaded, improving performance and stability. Replaced transaction paging feature with better performing transaction lists.
2.17 07.17.11 Added a purge feature that allows users to purge transactions prior to a specified date. Minor bug fixes.
2.16 06.27.11 Added pop-up menu option to select all on the Transactions screen.
2.15 06.10.11 Restored the original ‘Quick Add’ button, by request.
2.14 06.01.11 Corrected problem with transaction add/edit screen where buttons would lose their settings when changing screen orientation.
2.13 05.19.11 Removed the ‘Quick Add’ button. from the Transactions screen. Selecting a payee from the prompt when adding a transaction will automatically populate the amount, type, category, classification, and memo fields using the same values as the last transaction for that payee. Fixed bug that was intermittently causing the password not to be required. Fixed bug that prevented password from being removed.
2.12 05.11.11 Fixed bug from where check marks would not disappear after the clear/reconcile/unreconcile button was pressed.
2.11 05.10.11 Checked transactions will persist when exiting the transactions screen. Added option in Display Settings to allow users to limit the payee list to only payees used in transactions within the last 45 days. Cleaned up some code that may have been causing force close issues.
2.10 04.28.11 Widget will now open the account it’s displaying when clicked. Added a confirm dialog when creating a backup from the Settings menu. Fixed bug that cause app to sometimes close immediately after starting. Fixed bug that was causing app to exit during orientation changes.
2.09 04.21.11 Can now be installed to SD card (for users of 2.2 or greater). Moved display options to a new screen accessible from the Settings menu. Added display options to toggle additional fields to display in Transactions list. Added option to account add/edit screen to exclude individual accounts from the balances on the Accounts screen. If app is paused from the transactions screen (home button pressed, switching between browser and Cashflow, etc), it will now return to the proper Transactions screen. Added small screen and landscape support for the password feature. Adjusted the password screen to better fit various display sizes.
2.08 03.31.11 Fixed bug that would cause entries to be lost when changing transaction screen between portrait and landscape. Corrected layout issues for small screen devices on the calculator and transaction screens.
2.06 & 2.07 03.17.11 Changed the backup/restore functionality to use a CSV file format rather than XML. This reduces the size of the backup file by roughly 80%, reduces the time it takes to restore the database, and reduces the memory required to create a backup. This should help prevent out of memory errors on some older phones. Changed check number to be alphanumeric instead of just numeric. Corrected bug with classification picker not allowing user to select classifications that were named very close to another classification. Rearranged the landscape layout for the calculator.
2.05 03.06.11 Added a button to prompt user to select a payee from a list of existing payees. Added a button to prompt user to select category from a list of existing categories. Change classification selection button to match the new payee & category buttons. Changed the transaction paging to allow users to either limit the number of transactions to 25, or simply show all. Added updated landscape layouts for thge calculator and the transaction add/edit screen.
2.04 02.15.11 Added a basic calculator function to the transaction screen. Corrected text color issues on Scheduled Transaction screen for users using the Light theme.
2.03 01.21.11 Corrected a bug that would prevent scheduled transactions from being automatically inserted into the register in some situations.
2.02 01.17.11 Added cleared balance to the bottom of the Transactions screen. Changed transaction sorting to simply sort by date, rather than sorting reconciled transactions apart from unreconciled transactions.
2.01 01.10.11 Advanced version number to 2 to reflect completion of several internal changes and to synchronize versions between the paid app, and the free app. Added an inactive flag to accounts. By default, inactive accounts will not be displayed in the accounts list. Users can mark accounts inactive by editing the account. An option on the Settings screen allows users to display inactive accounts. Corrected an issue where the ‘show more transactions’ button was displaying for new accounts.
1.31 12.31.10 Added new widget style options for text-only widgets. Added options for hiding cleared balances, and for hiding non-current balances for account types other than ‘Checking’. Minor bug fix to address force close when adding or editing an account. Changed Transactions screen to only load 25 transactions by default, giving an option to display more if needed. This should substantially improve performance for most users.
1.30 12.23.10 Corrected issue that sometimes caused a force close when adding or editing a transaction.
1.29 12.17.10 Changed icon, updated support email address. Fully removed statistics gathering. Even though the paid app never could submit statistics, the code still existed. This should slightly improve performance.
1.28 12.10.10 Fixed bug causing crash when searching transactions. Changed password entry to mask password as it’s entered.
1.27 12.05.10 Added feature to allow users to reconcile/clear/unreconcile multiple transactions at a time. Other minor code updates.
1.26 11.29.10 Improved performance when calculating balances. Added a check / reference number field to the Transaction Add/Edit screen. Minor bug fixes.
1.25 11.15.10 Added the ability to export transactions to CSV, available from the menu on the Transactions screen. Changed the filter account list feature to allow selection of multiple account types to display. Corrected an issue where transfer transactions would reconcile both the original transaction and the transfer to/from transaction when reconciling from the Transaction Add/Edit screen. Improved the password feature to request password after 5 minutes of inactivity, or after user completely exits the app by pressing the back key from the Accounts screen. Other minor code cleanup and small bug fixes.
1.24 11.10.10 Fixed bug where transaction classification was being set improperly when editing a transaction that didn’t have a classification set. Per request, updated widget to display negative numbers in red. Updated widget with a variety of styles (white,black,transparent).
1.23 11.05.10 Improved loading routine to handle updating balances a little better. Minor bug fixes & tweaks.
1.22 10.26.10 Fixed bug with larger numbers not storing negative values properly. Added cleared balance. Set text entry to start with capital letters.
1.21 10.19.10 Fixes bug where running balance isn’t updated promptly, tweaks to balance recalculation process.
1.20 10.14.10 Fixed bug with widget not updating properly. Database improvements to support transaction & balance amounts in excess of 20million (previous limit). Performance tweaks for background processes. Minor changes to the Light theme.
1.19 10.11.10 Added option to change date formating between MDY, DMY, and YMD. Added usage statistics, available on the settings menu.
1.18 10.05.10 Added customization options for background, font, colors, etc. Rearranged the settings menu slightly. Fixed a bug with the widget causing lockups.
1.17 Fixed bug with widget not updating properly.
1.16 Fixed bug with password not being accepted.
1.15 Code cleanup, minor bug fixes, improved error handling.
1.14 Fixed issue with ‘Update Balance’ not calculating the adjustment correctly.
1.13 Added error handling to help users experiencing a Force Close when entering transactions. Also added instructions to resolve this issue when it occurs.
1.12 Major code and database revision to rid the app of the float datatype as it was causing problems for some users.
1.11 Added icons to the accounts & transactions menus. Added password protection.
1.10 Minor changes to layouts to give a more consistent look.
1.09 Code cleanup, consolidating redundant functions for efficiency.
1.08 Added ability to search transactions. This will only be available in the paid version.
1.07 Moved the version info from the accounts screen menu to the settings screen to make room for new features. Cleaned up the settings screen by removing the exit button as it is largely redundant.
1.06 Cleaned up the settings menu to make it more user friendly and to conform with the standard look & feel of Android menus.
1.05 Added an indicator to the scheduled transactions list to denote manual versus automatically entered items. Made the icon the proper size for larger screens.
1.04 Fixed reset button functionality when editing a scheduled transactions.
1.03 Expanded error handling some more.
1.02 Minor error handling change to prevent possible force close.
1.01 Internal release only
1.00 Initial release of paid version of the Cashflow app.