How can I help?

Why is help needed?

Although the settlement of the trademark dispute could be described as a legal victory for the developer and users of the Cashflow apps, the losses and costs associated with the litigation effectively wipe out all of the earnings derived from the Cashflow apps since they were released in 2009. Enduring the legal fight and standing up on principle, rather than simply closing up shop and abandoning 6 years of development effort, was a very costly and stressful ordeal. Support and help from the users of Cashflow is greatly appreciated.

The Cashflow apps were suspended from the Google Play store for 610 days. During this time, ads were not displayed on the free app and only a handful of sales were recorded for the paid app. Google statistics show that only a small fraction of users still have these apps installed. Having lost over 90% of the active users means that revenue from advertising and app sales is unlikely to recover quickly. The following are some ways you can help:

Ways to support ongoing development

The following is a list of ways users can help support ongoing development of the Cashflow apps:

1. Download Cashflow or Cashflow (Free) from the Google Play store. Many users have downloaded the apps directly from the Cashflow website over the past 20 months. These downloads may not be reflected in Google’s metrics. If you’ve previously downloaded the app directly from the Cashflow website, reinstalling from the Google Play store will help you get future updates and will help improve the metrics and ranking with Google. Simply searching for it on the Google Play store and downloading it may help with the search rankings.

2. Leave ratings & marketplace feedback. With positive ratings and feedback on the marketplace, more users are likely to download and use the app.

3. Use Cashflow or Cashflow (Free). Using the software and providing feedback helps improve the software itself and helps increase it’s visibility on the market. Ad revenue increases with additional users. Provide feedback on what you like and don’t like about the app and what functions or features you’d like to see added or improved.

4. Tell others about the app. Tell friends, family, post about it on social media, and generally spread the word about how you like and use the app.

5.Follow @NDL_Cashflow on Twitter

6. Participate in the forums. The NDL Support Forums provide a venue for users to discuss and participate in problem support, feature requests, and new development. Interactive feedback is a great way to improve the software and its visibility.

7. Donate. Some users have inquired about financially supporting the development efforts and legal costs. If you’re interested in helping out this way, you can make one time payments through PayPal or ongoing support through Patreon.

Thank you for your support!